Supporting and enhancing student success is at the forefront of our business. We foster a culture that believes in our students and demands that they believe in themselves. We challenge our students to excel.


We are committed to giving students the knowledge and experiences to become competent professionals and successful leaders. We don’t do it alone. Our alumni engage with students in ways that give them the coaching and mentoring necessary to develop their skills. Your support shapes our students' lives and brings our students closer to the business community and alumni. An investment in the Miller College of Business benefits all—from current and future students—to the alumni that come back to visit and invest their time.


Your gifts to our areas of greatest need enable us to meet student needs. Your support ensures our future stability and helps us maintain our competitive edge. Your help is more imperative than ever. Every gift—large or small—matters. Cardinals helping Cardinals. On One Ball State Day, you can help meet this need by contributing to our priority funds:

1201 Miller College Dean’s Fund for Excellence

This fund helps with our most pressing needs. These contributions allow us to engage our students in leadership and entrepreneurial opportunities and encourage faculty development and innovation. Your gifts to this fund support our special programs and speakers for our students and alumni, enhance students’ progress toward career success, and provide student travel to conferences for career development.

1212 Miller College SOAR Program

Support the SOAR (Success, Opportunity, Acumen, Readiness) Program, a high-impact career and professional development program for undergraduate business students. Simply stated, a gift to the SOAR Program is an investment in the business of building successful futures for our students in the Miller College of Business.

1214 Miller Leadership Academy

The Miller Leadership Academy, is a diversity scholarship and support program in the Miller College of Business. The program provides scholarship funding, transition support, and an array of targeted programs to address the academic, professional, and holistic needs of underserved students. Through financial support and transformative programming, we empower students to become innovative leaders of tomorrow whose impact inspires others and enhances local and global communities. Financial support for the academy will pay for such things as scholarships, leadership training, immersive learning projects, and study abroad opportunities.

1203 Dean's Innovation Fund

The Dean’s Innovation Fund provides funding to stimulate innovation and creative programming across the range of Miller College activities.  The Fund supports projects by faculty or staff that: (a) enhance the student experience, (b) require seed funding for further development, or (c) enhance the national visibility and prominence of the Miller College of Business. 

If you wish to give to our priority funds, click the Miller College link below.  If you are interested in supporting other programs, click the department or program links below.

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