CCIM students have access to high-impact experiences — internships, study aboard, student productions, competitions/conferences — and state-of-the-art facilities from day one. We are committed to ensuring that EVERY student, regardless of background or financial ability, has access to hands-on technology that prepares them to succeed.

Your gifts allow hard-working students to focus on their education and say 'yes' to enriching learning experiences. Your gifts mean that a student who is facing a financial challenge doesn’t have to give up their goal of a CCIM degree. Your support empowers students with the passion and purpose to live the values symbolized by Beneficence — excellence, innovation, courage, integrity, inclusiveness, social responsibility, and gratitude — today and throughout their professional life.

On this One Ball State Day 2022, we welcome contributions to any fund that matches your passion and encourages progress. The CCIM Dean's Fund supports students' success by funding high-impact experiences and the Esports Advancement Fund will support scholarships as well as other components of our new esports venue, varsity team, and curricula. As a college of storytellers, we are also looking forward to seeing our CCIM family come together and share their CCIM stories. We hope to see you on our story wall!

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