Employee Emergency Fund

Please join us in making a difference in the lives of Ball State Employees by donating to the Employee Emergency Fund. 

This is the inaugural year for the Ball State Employee Emergency Fund and with your help, we will be able to assist employees in a time of need.    

The NEW Ball State Employee Emergency Fund goal is to provide financial support for Ball State employees in need of temporary emergency assistance due to accidents, fires, or other personal emergencies. 

Unfortunately, during the 2020-2021 academic year, we had several employees experience house fires and needed temporary assistance until their insurance was received. Responding to the employee need, Alan Finn (VP of Business Affairs and Treasurer) established the Ball State Employee Emergency fund to support employees in time of crisis.    

Specifically for OBSD, Alan is also making the challenge that he will do a $1 for $1 match up to $1000!  Therefore, you donate $50 and Alan will donate $50!  Join in on the fun and let’s maximize Alan’s donation up to $1000!   

We encourage all supervisors along with coworkers to refer employees to the Emergency Fund if the need arises. 

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Questions? See our FAQ.

Or you can contact us at oneballstateday@bsu.edu.