Burris Laboratory School
Burris Laboratory School....where today's learners become tomorrow's leaders!

Burris Laboratory School is a welcoming place for all. Students K-12 come to Burris to be challenged, engaged, and explore their creativity through education. Starting from early ages, through their final years at Burris, our school is committed to giving students a wide variety of areas in which to learn and grow into their own individual identity. Students have the opportunity to be a part of various groups like orchestra, broadcasting, athletics, and more. Offering a wide variety of opportunities for our students comes with the chance to reward them for their hard work. Students can be rewarded through scholarships, new equipment, and more chances to be creative outside of the classroom. 

We, here at Burris, are always looking for ways to enhance our students' learning inside and outside of the classroom. Providing these opportunities comes at a price. With the help of our community, our alumni, and the generosity of others to improve our school culture and to aid the education of our students, we are able to give chances to students who may not be able to have them otherwise.

Your donation to these groups at Burris will not only help our school, but help our future. Thank you for your generosity in giving our students an education they deserve.

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