The Department of Management consists of many academic programs: business administration, entrepreneurship and innovation, international business, leadership, and human resource management.

On One Ball State Day, we are excited to be raising funds for the Department of Management, as well as the Entrepreneurship Center's Pre-Seed Fund.


When you choose to give towards the Department of Management, your generosity helps fund student programming initiatives across all of our department's academic programs. This can include sending students to conferences, assisting students in obtaining certifications, as well as funding hands-on learning experiences. With the generosity of donors and alumni like you, our students have opportunities for outside-of-the-classroom experiences, like networking with top executives on field trips, or utilizing cutting edge technology within their coursework, like VR headsets.

When you choose to give towards the Entrepreneurship Center's Pre-Seed Fund, you are assisting students with their new venture creation. This fund, entirely supported by generous donors like you, helps students in the beginning stages of venture development. We have had so many students apply for this funding as they seek to develop a prototype, obtain licensing or certification, design a logo with a professional graphic designer, bring their business plan to life with floor plans designed by an architect, and more! This fund allows students to take the next steps in their venture without having to have the financial backing that is otherwise required. Each student, regardless of major, is eligible for up to $2,500 per student per semester and your generosity on One Ball State Day allows us to continue to offer this impactful program.

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