Graduate School
Watch the Pathways Mentoring video to learn more about the program.

All of your One Ball State Day donations to the Graduate School will go directly to support our students as they work on their research projects and disseminate their results.  Research opportunities are vital for our students’ intellectual and professional growth, and you can play a key part in providing them a life-changing experience! 


All donations to the Graduate Student Research Fund (3716) will be used by graduate students for equipment, supplies, and travel as they pursue their research projects and present their findings. 


All donations to the Action Research Collective fund (3720) will be used to support students participating in this research group as they gather data and disseminate their results.


All donations to the Graduate School General Fund (3701) will be earmarked for a new fellowship program that we are launching in the Pathways Mentoring Project, which will support students enrolled in the program while they work on a research project with their mentor. 

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