The Department of Economics supports and encourages student learning and involvement inside and outside the classroom. Your generous gifts to the department support this mission and help us maintain and expand opportunities for students pursuing our course of study.

Miller College Students at the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago

Our students enrolled in the Fed Challenge participate in the National Fed College Challenge where our faculty train and coach them to think and analyze like policymakers. Teams compete in Chicago every fall where undergraduate students analyze economic and financial conditions and formulate monetary policy recommendations, molding the Federal Open Market Committee.

Another in-class opportunity is Econ in Motion a film project led by Dr. Cecil Bohanon. Students are the actors, writers, directors, and editors for a variety of films and videos - from short clips illustrating economic concepts to documentary-style films covering economic topics in depth like the Scottish Enlightenment and the Dutch Tulip Bulb Mania. Many of the films students have produced have been invited to various film festivals. If you want to see the work for yourself, you can view the videos at Econ in Motion on YouTube.

Moreover, the department has students work with professors on research projects and travel to various conferences to help present their work. Our students have traveled to Chicago, Las Vegas, and various other major conferences. As the department continues to grow we would like to provide more opportunities for students to engage in the research process. Just this year the Buchanan Scholar Program expanded to provide paid opportunities for students to research topics in political economy.

Our Economics Club provides a variety of opportunities for students to experience how the content they learn in the classroom applies to the real world. The Economics Club hosts a variety of programs and speakers every year, but the highlight of the year is the trip to the Statehouse where students meet with local and state politicians to better understand how economic concepts apply to public policy and law.

The Institute for the Study of Political Economy (ISPE) seeks to further our understanding of the market, political, and social processes and institutions. Under the leadership of its new director, Dr. David Mitchell, ISPE has maintained and expanded its programs. ISPE hosts a variety of speakers, from economic scholars to leading entrepreneurs speaking on issues including the value of the free market, the effects of public policy, ethics in business, and many other interesting and exciting topics. Students can have lunch with these prestigious guests to ask questions and have in-depth discussions with professionals in the field. ISPE also hosts the Steve Horwitz Blood Drive in honor of its late director. ISPE programs support students in their development as well-rounded scholars and citizens of an ever-complex global economy.

Your generous donations support and maintain our existing programs and help us forge new initiatives to support student learning and engagement. One Ball State Day is a great way to have a meaningful impact on a student's life and provide them with the tools, opportunities, and professional connections needed to support lifelong learning and achievement. Thank you again for your generosity.

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