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The Department of Marketing houses two majors: marketing and professional selling. The Department of Marketing equips you to join the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of marketing. As a student, you become an analytical and strategic thinker who can build relationships, make decisions, create real-world business solutions, and develop and execute marketing plans. After graduation, you are ready to work for a range of businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and public-policy groups in various roles such as brand manager, advertising account manager, sales manager, retailing and distribution manager, and marketing researcher.

Ball State's Center for Professional Selling is a proud member of the University Sales Center Alliance (USCA). Students are equipped with the tools necessary to become successful salespeople in the Center for Professional Selling. Our sales labs provide much-needed role-play lab technology and equipment that keeps our students working smarter.

Students interested in sales and related fields are invited to join Ball State’s Sales Team, a dynamic group that competes in mock head-to-head and development role plays that challenge them to sell a product or service to a buyer. Recruiters, sales managers, human resource managers, and industry leaders judge these competitions, which equip students with the confidence, expertise, and connections. 

Your support of the Department of Marketing and Center for Professional Selling enables us to support our students' participation in national sales competitions. Your gifts also assist in student participation in Pi Sigma Epsilon Sales and American Marketing Association national meetings. You're providing the next generation of marketing leaders and business executives with an industry-driven curriculum and hands-on experiences that set them apart. With your help to sustain our flagship events, we will help draw top students to our program and provide recognition to the center and Miller College of Business. 

We hope you will visit us to see your generosity in action. Until then, know our grateful students and faculty are putting your support to good use—advancing Indiana businesses through immersive learning that provides valuable services to clients who need professional selling, marketing, and digital media.

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