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The Department of Social Work at Ball State University is proud to be celebrating our 47th year with an accredited BSW program. We are equally excited to announce the formal accreditation of our MSW program. The success of our programs would not be possible without our diverse student base, the tireless work of our faculty and staff, and the support of University administrators. We begin each day with the goal of being a leader in social work education and impacting the social, economic, and environmental vitality of the world. Over the years, you each helped us achieve our fundraising goals that created endowed scholarships for social work legends and helped us meet the need of an ever-changing educational landscape. We are excited to engage in our fundraising efforts again this year. Here is how you can help...

This year we are using donations to grow our alumni development fund. This fund opens the door for our Department to host alumni networking events, supports ongoing efforts for inclusive excellence, creates new learning opportunities for our students, and enhances our ability to grow as an international leader in social work education. This fund is vital for our Department to meet the often changing needs of programs and to support efforts to launch new program initiatives. It also provides funds for better supporting the biopsychosocial development of our students, supports ongoing faculty development and self-care, and allows us to continue to serve as stewards for members of our alumni network. Our goal is to raise $7,500 through One Ball State Day. Below are details about about matching donors and challenges. 

Suggested Donation Amounts: $47 (number of years with an accredited BSW program); $35 (the number of MSW students graduating this summer); $16 (the total number of faculty and staff serving over 400 social work students). 

Matching Donors: Dr. Matt Moore (Associate Professor and Chair) agreed to match the first $750 raised. Dr. Greta Slater (Associate Professor and MSW Director) agreed to match the next $500 raised. Professor Adrienne Newman (Assistant Director of Field) agreed to match the next $250 raised. 

Challenge One: The Department of Social Work and the Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences have a dinner on the line. The department that raises the least amount of money gets the honor of cooking dinner for the other department's faculty and staff. Help use earn a great meal from our fifth floor neighbors! 

Challenge Two: If we get $500 in donations from students who graduated between 2017-2021, we will provide a donut and coffee/juice breakfast for our current social work students. Let's see the newest members of our alumni base get a free breakfast for our future alumni!

Challenge Three: Who does not love an inflatable dinosaur costume? If we raise over $5,000 Dr. Dane Minnick will lead a group of our faculty in wearing inflatable costumes for a dance throughout campus!






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