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Teachers College Dean’s Excellence Fund 

Historically, Ball State Teachers College has been an innovator in a variety of areas that have brought national and international recognition and enhanced its reputation. 

Some illustrations include: 

  • One of the first colleges of education in the United States to partner with Apple Computer, Inc., in a laptop requirement of all teacher education majors 
  • A student teaching program in the Department of Defense Education Activity schools (DoDEA) in Germany that has lasted more than 15 years with over 200 student teachers participating 
  • A leader in the development and delivery of more than 50 Electronic Field Trips (EFTs) broadcast over a 13-year period with some of the world’s greatest museums, agencies, and organizations – Smithsonian Museums of Air and Space, American Indian, and Natural History; U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum; National Parks – Carlsbad Caverns, Grand Tetons, and Grand Canyon; National Aeronautics and Space Administration; Baseball Hall of Fame, and many others
  • Professional development opportunities ranging from Project Lead The Way (PLTW) training to Restorative Justice workshops. 

The Teachers College Dean’s Excellence Fund has provided support for these and many other initiatives. It has also been used for: 

  • Market research studies on programs to determine viability and areas for future growth
  • Activities of the Dean’s Advisory Council, alumni who meet twice a year to review programs, initiatives, plans, and ideas and engage in planning
  • Initiatives of the Teachers College Alumni Society, alumni who meet twice a year to select scholarship recipients, select alumni award winners, select innovative teaching grant recipients and plan special events 
  • Gatherings with alumni across the nation to share updates on Teachers College accomplishments and learn more about their many successes. 

Having access to discretionary funds is one of the most critical needs for the Teachers College. Being able to respond quickly to opportunities, to meet challenges, and to engage alumni and others is essential to our future and our reputation. 


Your gift will be used to support the kind of initiatives that can make a significant difference for our faculty, students, alumni, and education partners.

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