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The College of Sciences and Humanities

The College of Sciences and Humanities is home to the natural, mathematical, and computational sciences; social and behavioral sciences; and humanities. Our students are encouraged to take risks, make discoveries, and serve our neighbors. Ball State’s College of Sciences and Humanities (CSH) provides students with the skills they need to think critically, act globally, solve problems, and make sound judgments. Our faculty work side by side with our students in immersive learning, community engagement, and research. 

The College of Sciences and Humanities Fund Your gift allows these energetic, innovative and passionate students and faculty to cross boundaries and be part of the bigger story of our neighborhoods, community, state, and world. Your generous contributions will help:  

-Send talented students and faculty to conferences where they can discuss new ideas and share their research with colleagues. 

-Provide our innovative faculty support to develop partnerships that further our reach into communities and continue to connect our students with experiences that tackle real-world problems.  

-Support costs associated with undergraduate research activities such as equipment, field studies, travel, and conference fees. 

-Develop the Compass Program, an initiative that provides resources for students to translate their high demand skill sets into lucrative and purposeful careers.

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500 / 500 Gifts
College Leaderboard
The college with the most gifts by midnight will receive $2,000 to support students' greatest needs!
Rank Prize Department Gifts
1 $2,000 College of Fine Arts 1,749
2 $1,000 College of Communication, Information, and Media 839
3 $500 College of Sciences and Humanities 396
4 Teachers College 336
5 Miller College of Business 237
Academic Department Leaderboard
The three academic departments with the most gifts by midnight will receive $8,000, $4,000 and $2,000 in challenge funds respectively for the benefit of students' greatest needs.
Rank Prize Department Gifts
1 $8,000 Theatre & Dance 1,367
2 $4,000 Journalism 315
3 $2,000 School of Music 312
4 Communication Studies 180
5 Special Education 92
Sociology Matching Challenge
Chair Chad Menning will match gifts to Sociology up to $1,000.
Evening Leaderboard
The needs of our students are greater than ever. The eight areas with the most donors between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. will each receive $1,000 thanks to challenge dollars given by donors.
Rank Prize Department Donors
1 $1,000 Theatre & Dance 163
2 $1,000 Ball State Student Media 73
3 $1,000 Athletics 61
4 $1,000 Journalism 39
5 $1,000 Dance Marathon 38
College of Sciences & Humanities Department Challenge
Dean Maureen McCarthy will give $500 to the CSH department with the most donors.
Rank Prize Department Donors
1 $500 Chemistry 35
2 Political Science 27
3 Environment, Geology, and Natural Resources 26
4 English 26
5 Sociology 22
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