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Rinker Center for Global Affairs
Rinker Center for Global Affairs

The Rinker Center for Global Affairs is Ball State’s resource for international study and activities. Comprised of International Student Success, Global Academic Partnerships, Study Abroad, Global Initiatives, and the Intensive English Institute, we support international students, scholars, and students studying abroad. 

This year we invite you to celebrate One Ball State Day with a gift to any of our three funds described below.

1) Alumni Fund for Study Abroad  

With the resumption of global travel and study abroad in full swing, we aim to grow our Alumni Fund for Study Abroad. This fund provides former study abroad students a way to “pay it forward” to future Cardinals Abroad. Donations expand access to life-changing opportunities for future generations through study abroad scholarships. 

Hear Kate share the impact of scholarships on her study abroad experience:

2) Rinker Center Emergency Fund 

Imagine traveling to a foreign country to study at a new university, far away from the place you call home, far away from family and friends. Then, an emergency occurs. Perhaps you become extremely ill, or a family member loses their job and can no longer support you. What would you do?

The Rinker Center Emergency Fund exists to provide help in exactly these types of situations. We have worked closely with international students in need for decades, and your donations help to support these students when they come to us for help.

By helping us build up our emergency fund, you allow us to provide care to current and future International Cardinals when their financial circumstances change unexpectedly, thousands of miles from home.

3) Study Abroad General Fund 

Study Abroad programs give Ball State students an opportunity to explore outside the classroom and around the world. Many of our study abroad programs are led by BSU faculty members-- they develop high-impact courses to be taught internationally, perhaps for a summer session, a full semester, or even a quick trip during winter or spring break. This year over 250 BSU students will participate in a BSU faculty-led study abroad program! Gifts to the Study Abroad Fund will help support projects such as Psych in Japan, Black Global Studies in Belize, Travel Writing in France & Italy, Ecology in Namibia, and Leadership in Ireland, just to name a few.

Pop it, Snap it, Share it! Benny Cutout Social Media Challenge
Faculty, staff, and student social media challenge! Share a photo of your Benny Cutout to show a window into your Ball State world. Be sure to stamp your post with #OneBallState. Two random participants will get to donate $500 in challenge funds toward their favorite area.
Morning Leaderboard
The three departments/units/teams with the most donors by 10 a.m. receives $3,000, $2,000, and $1,000 in challenge funds.
Rank Prize Department Donors
1 $3,000 Theatre & Dance 125
2 $2,000 Indiana Academy 79
3 $1,000 Communication Studies 66
4 Football 65
5 Student Scholarships 61
Non-Academic / Non Athletic Donor Leaderboard
The two non-academic/non-athletic areas with the most donors from 6-8 p.m. will each receive $1,000.
Rank Prize Unit Donors
1 $1,000 BFSA: Dr. Charles R. Payne Scholarship 18
2 $1,000 Ball State Student Media 16
3 Student Emergency Aid Fund 9
4 Black Alumni Council 9
5 Women of Beneficence (Discovery) 5
Evening Donor Leaderboard
The five areas with the most donors between 8-10 p.m. will each receive $1,000 in challenge dollars.
Rank Prize Unit Raised
1 $1,000 Indiana Academy $8,142.54
2 $1,000 Cardinal Excellence Fund $7,140.00
3 $1,000 Theatre & Dance $6,951.80
4 $1,000 Honors College $6,129.18
5 $1,000 Department of Architecture $6,025.00
Mentor Social Media Challenge
It’s all about who you know, and who you help! Share a story about an impactful Ball State mentor or mentee experience to X (Twitter). One participant will get to donate $500 to their favorite area. Stamp your post with #OneBallState and tag @BSUFoundation or @BallStateAlumni ❤️
Paint the U.S. Cardinal Red
Gifts from all 50 states will unlock $2,500 from the Alumni Council to Ball States greatest needs.
One Ball State Day Video Social Media Challenge
Share any of the One Ball State Day videos on Facebook, X (Twitter), or Instagram Stories using #OneBallState for a chance to earn extra challenge dollars. Two participants will get to donate $500 to their favorite area. Tag @BSUFoundation or @BallStateAlumni ❤️
25 Gifts for Rinker Center Emergency Fund
25 gifts to the Rinker Center Emergency Fund will unlock a $500 match from Dr. Tarek Mahfouz.
25 / 25 Gifts
Foundation Employee Giving Challenge
100% participation of Foundation employees unlocks $500 from Foundation and BSUAA President Jean Crosby.
First Student, Employee, Parent, and Alumni Challenge
First Alumni: Bill Jenkins, Theatre & Dance First Employee: Debra Roberts, Teachers College First Parent: Scott Fuller, Gymnastics First Student: Jayden Gillam, Christian Student Foundation
Brunch Leaderboard
The five areas that raise the most money from 10 a.m. - Noon each receive $1,000 in challenge funds.
Rank Prize Department Raised
1 $1,000 Theatre & Dance $9,882.80
2 $1,000 Football $8,032.54
3 $1,000 Indiana Academy $6,463.36
4 $1,000 Men's Golf $4,685.00
5 $1,000 Men's Tennis $4,360.00
Rinker Center Emergency Fund Challenge
Twenty gifts to the Rinker Center Emergency fund before 5pm will unlock a $300 match from Director of International Student Success Shane Lanning.
20 / 20 Gifts
Donor Leaderboard
The five units with the most donors by midnight will each receive $1,000
Rank Prize Unit Donors
1 $1,000 Theatre & Dance 456
2 $1,000 Indiana Academy 325
3 $1,000 Football 273
4 $1,000 Communication Studies 199
5 $1,000 Soccer 163
1,918th Donor
The 1,918th donor will win an additional $500 to designate to the area they gave to.
LinkedIn Social Challenge
Share a One Ball State Day post on LinkedIn on April 3rd for a chance to designate $1,000 to your favorite Ball State area! Use #OneBallState and tag the Ball State Foundation!
Top 100 Student Challenges
The top two students from the Top 100 Student Awards designate $1,000 to the fund of their choice.
EPM Employee Giving Challenge
VP for Enrollment Planning and Management Paula Luff, will match dollars raised from EPM employees, up to $500, to the Jack Beyerl Student Emergency Aid Fund.
Study Abroad Program Challenge
When you give to the Alumni Fund for Study Abroad, mention your program in the "In Honor of" line on the donation form. If ten different study abroad programs get a mention, we'll unlock a $250 reward from Director of Study Abroad Ashley Coker.
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Donor Locations
Rank State Gifts
1 IN 50
2 OH 4
3 IL 3
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