Urban Planning

Urban Planning General Fund 

You do so much for us, including serving as guest speakers in our classes, participating on juries, and hiring our students as interns and employees. We appreciate you!  Your financial gifts support the following department activities: hospitality, guest lectures, marketing and promoting the department, and supplies for special events.


Urban Planning Scholarship Fund

Donations to this fund go straight to our students’ pocketbooks, helping pay the bill for travel or rewarding students who perform at a very high level. You’ve been in their shoes: You know how much these dollars mean!

To show our appreciation for all of you, we will raffle off a puzzle made from this award-winning artwork by Lohren Deeg. You’re automatically entered in our raffle when you donate to us on One Ball State Day or when you comment on any of our social media posts. You can find us on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

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