Black Alumni Council

Diversity is a priority at Ball State, and black alumni want to show that we are one united front on One Ball State Day! When you give to the Ball State Black Alumni Council, you make it possible to offer scholarships to current students, host events around the country and promote outreach by connecting alumni and friends around the globe. Your generous gift has an immeasurable impact on students and fellow alumni. 

The purpose of the Council shall be to stimulate the interest of all black alums of Ball State University and issues related to BSU black students.  The Ball State University Black Alumni Council seeks to further the educational, professional, and social interests of black students, individually and collectively, by:

 A. Increasing the engagement and encouraging fellowship, mentorship, and networking among the black alums, students, faculty, and staff of Ball State University.

 B. Creating networking opportunities, both socially and professionally, for black alums.

 C. Establishing an informational forum through which information-specific communication regarding campus minority programming and activities for black alums, students, faculty, staff, friends of the BAC can be disseminated.

 D. Encouraging unified regard among black alums for the total scope of opportunities offered at Ball State University.

 E. Enabling black alums to engage with current and prospective black students and support these students through Ball State University and BSU black alums.

 F. Promoting a positive environment which reflects and enhances the values of a multicultural and multiethnic society.

To accomplish these goals, the BAC has created an endowed scholarship to assist minority students who meet academic criteria and have financial need, and book scholarships for those with financial need to pay ever-increasing textbook costs. For this current school year, the BAC has awarded 48 student scholarships totaling $30,000.

The BAC hosts these programs for alumni engagement and education: a biennial reunion, Homecoming tailgate, Celebration of Unity (Fundraising) Concert, a networking reception for scholarship recipients and board, and it collaborates with the African American Studies Faculty. Each of these programs contains components of philanthropy, sharing the needs and how to participate.  The BAC is passionate about these opportunities to give back to Ball State so that others can fly toward a more successful future!

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