Applied Anthropology Laboratories
Student Field Equipment Lending Library

Applied Anthropology Laboratories (AAL) provides over 3,000 hours of paid archaeological fieldwork experience to student employees annually. For many, this experience, combined with a BSU education, paves the way for their future career. For safety, it is vital every student employee invest in key fieldwork equipment: boots, socks, rain gear, orange hats, gloves, and more. This investment in their future costs up to $200, before their first paycheck. With 80% of Ball State students receiving financial aid, many AAL student employees lack the immediate funds and resources to be safe in the field.

To set up EVERY student employee for success, AAL asks you to help us create the Student Field Equipment Lending Library. This inventory of boots, gloves, rain gear, socks, etc. in a variety of sizes will be available to be “checked out” for temporary use by new and deserving students.

That one piece of needed equipment can increase student safety and confidence entering the field. These are not handouts, but hand ups. This temporary resource for a few days or weeks allows students to work and earn the money to purchase their own gear.

Think of yourself between the ages of 18 and 25. Would you have been field ready?

These Cardinals show the Ball State Spirit by investing in their education and futures. Show them how much we value that by investing in them today

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