Physics & Astronomy
Physics & Astronomy

The Department of Physics and Astronomy cultivates an educational environment that prepares skilled scientists for a successful career. Our students and faculty are engaged in the study, creation, and dissemination of new knowledge through scholarship of discovery, teaching, application and integration. We strive to foster wonder about the world, both inside of the classroom and in the community around us.

Our department provides students with opportunities for hands-on research, scholarships, summer experiences, student-to-student tutoring, and workplace preparation, all made possible by the generosity of donors. Donor funding is the cornerstone of the student experience in our department, used to prepare students to fulfill their future career and postgraduate goals.

Student Testimonials

Being a student researcher, tutor, lab assistant, and a member of the Constellation Crew during my time as a Ball State physics student has prepared me in a multitude of ways for opportunities after graduation. I value the personal connection that I have found within the department and the way that it provides a chance to participate in one-on-one research projects. The community here allows for professors to remember details about your life, and vice versa.

                                                                                    - Kyle, Class of '21

Receiving my assistantship was of paramount importance to me, personally. Not only did it come with a significant tuition reduction, but the stipend allows me to focus completely on my coursework and research. Without the assistantship, I would not have been able to achieve my goal to continue my education. It relieves a significant amount of the financial burden and stress that usually accompanies higher education. As such, it has allowed me to be a much better student, researcher, and most importantly, a better instructor for my students.

                                                                      - Greg, Graduate Assistant

 During my time at BSU, I have had the Dr. James Watson Jr. Memorial Physics Scholarship and have also worked as a tutor and TA in the department. Being able to practice tutoring and teaching skills as an employee has helped prepare me for graduate school; I feel ready to begin teaching once I begin a graduate program. The scholarship has also lifted a financial burden off my family, which is always an appreciated thing.

                                                                                 - Elaine, Class of '21

My student employment here at Ball State has not only given me a way to relieve some of my financial stresses but has allowed me to form many professional and personal friendships. I have met and collaborated with many professionals through the planetarium and have become close friends with many of my coworkers, all of whom share a passion for science. It has provided me a community full of support to navigate through my undergraduate with. I feel my experiences working at Ball State have prepared me well for graduate school and my professional career beyond that.

                                                                                   - Melanie, Class of '21

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