Housing & Residence Life

Living on-campus is where students can truly take full advantage of exploring passions that become careers, form lasting friendships, and make lifelong memories! 

The Office of Housing and Residence Life (HRL) supports the academic success and personal growth of our students through safe, comfortable, affordable, and diverse living and learning communities. 

On Ball State's campus, we have 11 unique residence halls for students to live in and although each of our residence halls have their own unique amenities and features, all of them have been intentionally designed to enhance the on-campus living experience, meet the needs of our students, and support their passions.

We also believe that our students need more than just a bed space to be successful. We have 13 established Living-Learning Communities that incorporate the university’s immersive approach to education directly into the environments of our residence halls.

Housing and Residence Life employs hundreds of talented and passionate BSU students as Resident Assistants and Academic Peer Mentors yearly. These students are active presences in the residence halls, focusing on creating an environment in which their residence can feel welcome, comfortable, and thrive! Within HRL, there are a variety of student organizations and scholarships that ultimately support our students.

We hope that on this One Ball State Day, you will consider contributing to BSU Housing and Residence Life!

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