Late Nite
The Best Party On Campus!

Our mission is to provide, support, and maintain a safe and entertaining environment for the students of Ball State University. The mission is executed through creative programming efforts planned and implemented by students for students. The programs are geared towards reaching a variety of Ball State students with various interests. Late Nite @ Ball State events is held from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. throughout the academic year. Almost all Late Nite events have arts and crafts, a DJ/dance, and a film. Additional activities are determined based on the needs of students. Each event takes on a theme that is incorporated into the variety at the specific event.

Contributions made to Late Nite @ Ball State will support:

  • Professional development opportunities for students who work with us.
  • The Late Nite Bus Loop running every weekend for ease of access to the Student Center for our students
  • Various Late Nite initiatives

Student Center and Programs

The L.A. Pittenger Student Center is committed to developing students into productive members and leaders of the Ball State and civic communities and providing an array of quality services to the campus community. We hold firmly to the belief that the value of college experiences lies not only in academic achievement but also in extracurricular activities that support the holistic approach to developing students in a diverse and global world.

The L.A. Pittenger Student Center has four broad objectives to accomplish its mission with Ball State University:

  1. Support the educational goals of Ball State University by the provision of essential services, conveniences, and amenities for students, faculty, staff, alumni, conference participants, and guests of the University.
  2. Provide social, cultural, entertainment, educational, and recreational programs for students, faculty, staff, and their families with a primary focus on fully utilizing the Student Center.
  3. Serve as a laboratory for out-of-class learning whereby students can implement the knowledge gained from formal instruction; and encourages self-directed activity by students, providing the utmost opportunity for self-realization, development of individual social skills, and effectiveness with group dynamics.
  4. Serve as a unifying force in campus life, cultivating endearing regard and loyalty for Ball State University.
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