Our duty is to promote greater understanding of human diversity.

BSU Anthropology

Culture - Biology - Archaeology - Linguistics: These are the four areas in the field of anthropology. In our Department at Ball State University, our mission is to integrate these four areas to achieve excellence in undergraduate teaching, maintain active research, and engage in service activities within the university and with the public.

Anthropology is considered the most humanistic of the sciences and the most scientific of the humanities and our values as educators and researchers reflect this. Anthropology students seek professional experiences beyond the classroom.

The Department strongly encourages innovative and collaborative research and teaching both within and beyond the classroom. Through immersive learning classes, specialized field training schools, and paid research and internship opportunities, our students promote a greater appreciation for human diversity within and beyond our university community.

 Where does my One Ball State gift go? 

During One Ball State Day, your gift to Anthropology will go to improving the academic experience of our students. 

We want anthropology majors to have professional experiences through internships. In order for them to make the most of these opportunities, we want every student intern to receive fair compensation for their time and efforts. 

1.  A gift to the Anthropology Internship Fund ensures student interns will be fairly compensated when a community partner cannot fund the position.

2. A gift to the Anthropology Research Fund provides student researchers with funds to conduct their research and present it at professional academic meetings.

Anthropology students have attended regional and national conferences such as the Central States Anthropological Conference, the MAC Archaeology Conference, and the Society for Applied Anthropology. 

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