Educational Studies
Welcome to Educational Studies!

Mission Statement

The Department of Educational Studies is a learning community engaged in the preparation of educators, the discovery of knowledge, and the promotion of social justice.

Dear students, friends, family members, alumni, and local citizens . . . . 

Welcome to the Department of Educational Studies! 

Your donations today will contribute to the professional development of our faculty/staff and students. They will also help us promote the student and faculty interactions within our local community. 

 Thank you for making a difference!

Donations for Professional Development, Scholarships, & Technology

The Department of Educational Studies offers a wide variety of programs to fit the educational and research needs of undergraduate and graduate (PhD and EdD) students. 

Students can pursue a number of topics in the fields of education, training, and professional development, including:

  • Educational foundations
  • Philosophy
  • Educational technology
  • Multicultural education
  • Curriculum 
  • Adult and community education
  • Secondary education, and 
  • Institutional research


Your donations will support both faculty and students, such as providing scholarship support for students, creating a sense of diverse community, and assisting faculty and students with their professional development.

Donations Make An Impact In Our Community

Our faculty members and staff actively interact with students and families within the local community.


Please see the example of Muncie Community Facebook that we created for the local community and also the pictures of the local citizens attending the activities provided by us:


Your donations will help us implement programs  and educational activities for Muncie and the local communities around campus.



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