Educational Psychology
Raymond S. Dean Fund for Graduate Student Research

For the 2023 One Ball State Day fund raising effort, the Department of Educational Psychology is continuing to focus our donation efforts to supporting those who continue to be hit hardest by the instabilities imposed by the pandemic and societal challenges – our graduate students.

To continue this focus, we are continuing to grow our flagship student scholarship program for our students established in honor of our friend and colleague Ray Dean. 

Initiated by a generous donation from Ray’s family, The Raymond S. Dean Fund for Graduate Student Research has had a substantial impact on supporting students in funding their research with small grants enabling the purchase of materials or (in pre-pandemic days) travel to present their work to international audiences. The funds supporting our students provide solutions to seemingly insurmountable financial barriers to completing dissertations. 

Your support today can both honor the legacy and history of Ray’s contribution to the department, our students, and the field as well as be the final push that ensures the next generation of scholars and clinicians achieve their goals. 

In each of the last two years, the fund has continued to grow appreciably through One Ball State Day contributions – primarily from relatively small gifts from alumi and former recipients.  

Many people think that these funds are made out of large gifts only – when in reality the success of One Ball State Day is the number of small donations offered by recent alumni. Help us achieve our goal! If you are not able to support with a financial contribution – please help us by making this important effort known to others.

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