Women's and Gender Studies

Just like in previous years, you can choose between TWO different funds to give to within Women's & Gender Studies: The Andrea Lauren Scamihorn Memorial Scholarship, and the Women’s Studies Fund.

Andrea Lauren Scamihorn Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2009 by her family, the Andrea Lauren Scamihorn Memorial Scholarship honors the life of the late Andrea Scamihorn. Andrea was the first student to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies from Ball State University and was also the recipient of the 2005 Women’s Studies Outstanding Student Activism Award. Andrea’s activism led her to Santiago, Chile where she became a teacher and an influential leader promoting anti-racism, equal rights, and anti-fascism. 

She passed on the day of her scheduled return to Indiana in December of 2008. Since then, the Outstanding Student Activism Award has borne her name. Recipients of this scholarship are nominated by Women’s and Gender Studies faculty and selected for excellence in and commitment to activism on local, national, and international levels. The scholarship amount is $250. The recipient’s name is also engraved on a perpetual plaque displayed in the Women's and Gender Studies program office.

The Andrea Lauren Scamihorn Memorial Scholarship is not an endowed fund and depends on ongoing contributions to further its mission. Financial support of this scholarship helps the Women’s and Gender Studies program recognize and encourage outstanding Ball State University students working towards gender, sexual, and racial equality.

Women's Studies Fund

This fund is often referred to by its unofficial title – the Women’s and Gender Studies Speaker Fund. It was first established in 1987 with the following two purposes:

  1. To pay for guest speaker honoraria and expenses
  2. To pay for receptions including refreshments for special events such as guest speakers, conferences, etc.

Since the fund’s creation, we have been fortunate to organize a large portion of the feminist-based events and programming on campus! Contributions to the Women’s Studies Fund allow our program staff to continue providing Ball State's campus and the Muncie community with programming all year.

Over its 36-year history, the Women’s Studies Fund has allowed us to bring many well-known feminist speakers to campus. Some names you may recognize are:

Judy Collins (1989), Betty Friedan (1985 & 1991), Wilma Mankiller (1994), Jean Driscoll (1999), Winona LaDuke (2001), Gloria Steinem (2002 & 2019), Ramona Africa (2004), Jaclyn Friedman (2013), Roxane Gay (2016), and Julia Serano (2019).

The Women’s Studies Fund allows our program to, most notably, continue our annual Women’s Week programming each March in celebration of Women’s History Month. However, it also gives us the opportunity to support other campus events created by our students and by various campus offices and partners. Your continued support of this fund enables us to organize, support, and promote consistent feminist programming that educates and empowers our community.

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