Psychological Science
We celebrate our first-generation students and other underrepresented students!

Did you know that about 1/3 of the majors in the Department of Psychological Science are first-generation students?  This means that their parents do not have college degrees and these students are leading the way into higher education opportunities.

The Department of Psychological Science provides undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to participate in the field of psychology not just as learners, but as active consumers and producers of psychological research.

Our department strive to remove barriers that might prevent first-generation students or underrepresented students from participating in activities that provide marketable skills.  Financial inaccessibility, for example, can be an obstacle to getting involved in practical experiences or active research opportunities. 

Our One Ball State Day campaign is dedicated to creating funds to help our majors be fully engaged in these worthwhile opportunities that take them beyond the classroom to have hands-on experience to further their careers.   

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