Criminal Justice and Criminology

Our sincere thanks to those who gave to the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology on One Ball State Day 2022! Our goal this year is to double our number of donations and total amount given (we had 18 gifts last year at $1,050 total). Current students should not feel obligated to give. These funding goals are to help our department serve you!


One Ball State Day is a day for us to unite as alumni, friends, and supporters to show the world that we Cardinals fly together. Follow our social media to stay tuned on updates throughout the giving day.


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Among our specific goals this year is to continue building our fund to honor the late Dr. Mike Brown that we established last year: The Dr. Michael P. Brown Student Fund. Dr. Brown was a faculty member with the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology for 28 years and served as our department chairperson over his final five years. Mike was a dedicated educator, who put the needs of his students above all else. He was particularly concerned with assisting students in need. In Dr. Brown’s honor, the department seeks contributions to assist those students in their educational pursuits. 

The Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology is also seeking to expand our reach in inspiring students, alumni, faculty, and staff to strive for excellence for themselves and their communities, and our current department needs are designed with these goals in mind.  

This year our specific goals are: 

  1. Building the Dr. Michael P. Brown Student Need Fund (e.g. textbooks, tuition, travel abroad, and GRE/LSAT application fees) 
  2. Building a faculty needs fund (e.g. travel and technology) 
  3. Funding campus and community education events 
  4. Supporting our annual CJC Departmental Events, such as hosting costs associated with our CJC Career Fair and Awards Ceremony





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