Computer Science

Our newly revised Computer Science curriculum launches students into their future careers or into graduate school!  Students can select from FIVE CONCENTRATIONS in the following areas:

  • Game Design & Development
    • Gain the full suite of experience needed to design and launch digital games: learn programming in modern game engines, work on multidisciplinary teams, and study fundamentals of game design, 3D animation, and digital sound design.
  • Cybersecurity & Secure Software Design
    • Build the next generation of secure software and systems as you learn to securely design, evaluate, manage, and navigate the current cybersecurity landscape
  • Web & Mobile App Development
    • Design and deploy web and mobile based apps, as you position yourself on the forefront of this in-demand area of the computer science industry as a full-stack developer
  • Data Analytics & Machine Learning
    • Extract meaning from today’s influx of data through the application of computer science techniques and machine learning, across broad domains including enterprise-level data analysis and scientific inquiry
  • General Computer Science
    • Dive deep into the computer science knowledge pool, gaining an in-depth understanding of networks, operating systems, database design, and computer science theory while preparing for graduate school or tackling advanced problems in computer science

One of the 2022 Capstone Team projects -- Song SyncYour generous donation will be used to enhance our students' learning experiences:

  • Student travel to conferences and seminars
  • Participation in hackathons
  • Capstone and special projects supplies
  • Social learning events 
  • Celebrate student projects at the Spring Banquet

One of the 2022 Capstone Team Projects - Adult Fitness Program

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