The Department of Biology at Ball State University is a vibrant and collegial community where we emphasize student and faculty engagement through scholarship and service. Through seven diverse biology concentrations, multiple pre-health programs such as pre-medicine and pre-dentistry, a biotechnology certificate program, master’s programs in biology and physiology, and one interdepartmental Ph.D., research and scholarship are always at the core of our programs and it is always student-centered and student-driven. 



The work we do within the biology department can and does change lives. Our cutting-edge research spans a multitude of fields, from endangered species conservation to studying ALS and heart disease at the cellular level. In all cases, our students benefit not only from learned experiences and real-world practice, but they are also integral parts of that work and vital to the success of our research programs. In many cases, students conduct their own independent research that complements existing faculty research or addresses entirely new and novel issues in biology and in science as a whole. 



To ensure an outstanding education for our students, we encourage them to pursue authentic research experiences whenever possible. However, outside funding does not cover all the costs of this critical, student-driven research. Similarly, we foster student success by supporting several biology-focused student organizations. These clubs and organizations provide numerous benefits to students, ranging from service opportunities and professional development to meeting and connecting with people who share their scholarly interests. Often, the relationships forged in these groups are lifelong and will continue to serve them throughout their careers. 



All donations to the Department of Biology directly cultivate the collegiate relationships and the professional opportunities that launch our students on a trajectory toward lifelong success. But fostering such a positive and productive community requires support that cannot always come from traditional budgets. For instance, each year your donations support our spring student awards ceremony where we publicly recognize our best and brightest students. 


Your donations also allow us to bring in expert speakers that share their cutting-edge research and converse with our students. And your donations help cover the costs of sending many of our students to regional, national and international conferences where they can present their original research and network with potential employers. Additionally, we use some donations to support recruitment efforts to attract and bring in exceptional faculty and graduate assistants who help make our department the best that it can be for our students. 



In short, your donations support our students every step of the way: From funding vital, authentic research, to enabling trips to academic conferences, to instilling in our students the knowledge and experiences that will help them find a fulfilling career. It is with your support that our students can truly fly.

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