Nutrition & Health Science

The Department of Nutrition and Health Science is committed to delivering exceptional educational experiences and advancing our respective disciplines through research and service to develop evidence-based practices that promote optimal health while respecting the unique qualities of diverse populations. Our vision is that graduates of our programs will embrace critical thinking, creative problem solving, and lifelong learning through exceptional experiences that prepare them to work effectively in varied professions and with diverse populations to improve health and well-being. We value health and wellbeing throughout the lifespan, interprofessional education, scholarship, community engagement for the advancement of evidence-based and best health practices, lifelong learning, and the unique qualities associated with a diverse population.

We depend on the generous support of community partners, alumni, and friends to offer diverse, real-world opportunities to our students in the following undergraduate programs of Public Health (Health Education and Promotion), Dietetics, Radiography, and Respiratory Therapy. We also train students at the graduate level with a MS Program in Nutrition and Dietetics. We are soon launching a MS in Health Science with concentrations in Biostatistics and Epidemiology. The department needs the most assistance with donations to our general fund (6901), but we embrace giving to any of our multiple funds, including scholarship and research support. 
This year, we are focusing on fundraising to facilitate the growth of our Nutrition Laboratories. These laboratories facilitate assessment, biomarker collection, sample processing storage, and analysis. Students have opportunities to learn and practice nutrition focused physical examinations, measure of body composition, and collect and analyze biospecimens. These facilities are used for both instruction and research. Your support of the Department of Nutrition and Health Science will enable our Nutrition Laboratories to grow, providing important opportunities for students.



Challenge One: The Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences and the Department of Social Work have a dinner on the line. The department that raises the least amount of money gets the honor of cooking dinner for the other department's faculty and staff. Help us earn a great meal from our fifth floor neighbors! 

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