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Donations to our General Foundation Account!

The CPSY department is excited to highlight the fantastic people in our department and to share a description of what we need funds for - especially after a long time working remotely!

CPSY is seeking donations to our general foundation account, to be used for graduate student and faculty needs. This will include: conference attendance, workshop attendance, research supplies, items in support of social justice activities, and many more needs within our department.

We pride ourselves on our involvement with professional associations, including the American Psychological Association and its various Divisions, the Midwestern Psychological Association, and the Midwest Institute for Students and Teachers of Psychology. Our incredible students hold leadership positions as student representatives, social media coordinators, and board members for various groups. 

Our professional commitments require a willingness to travel, for business meetings and for conferences  - APA, International Congress of Psychology, National Multicultural Summit, MISTOP, MPA, and more. In addition, costs for printing posters, conducting research and social-justice activities, and participating in academia, are rising.

So this year we are seeking funds to support conference travel, research, and social justice activities. We know that costs are rising for everyone: flights, registrations, hotel stays. However, the connections made through these non-classroom activities are certainly the ones that stick with us long after we graduate, and the connections made at any given conference are what feeds our soul!

Please help us share the talents of CPSY faculty and students through conference attendance and help us help our community! And don't forget to give us a CHIRP, CHIRP when we meet!

We are excited to share our goals with you!

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