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Whether supporting our students through scholarship funds, helping our students audition across the country with travel assistance, allowing our recognitions to flourish through competitions such as the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival and the American College Dance Association, contributing to our mission of making Delaware County a better place for all its residents with programs such as the Prism Project which provides performance opportunities for exceptionally-abled children, or helping those students who face dire financial need based on their personal circumstances, our donors continue to make a huge difference in the lives of our students.

This year, we are particularly hopeful that our theatre and dance family and friends will look to support not only our traditional funds that give immediate impact to students (Theatre Scholarships, Dance Scholarships, Theatre General, and Alumni Fund), our currently endowed scholarships honoring faculty, students, and benefactors, but also will help us endow the scholarship started by Alumni Society board member Bill Surber and his family. The Surber Family Scholarship salutes the efforts made by parents who stand by their children when they enter this competitive field. Please help us create another new endowment by getting this fund over the endowed threshold!!!!

Make your gift today that will have a lasting impact on our students, our Department, and those who benefit from our endeavors.

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