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University Program Board


The University Program Board (UPB) is the programming organization that initiates many of the activities designed to make the Ball State campus the focus of community life for university students, faculty, staff, and administrators. 

UPB was organized as a volunteer student organization in 1953. The board has evolved through many forms and name changes, always adjusting with the current times to offer the best in entertainment to the campus that is appealing to students at any particular time during its existence. UPB currently has an office within Student Center Programs office and is located in the Pittenger Student Center. UPB is advised by one full-time staff advisor and three shared graduate assistants. Funding for the board is through student fees.

Membership in UPB is open and available to all Ball State University students. As the largest student programming organization, UPB offers many cultural events, educational programs, and popular and diverse entertainment for students. Students programming for students has become the best formula for the many years of success for UPB.

UPB members realize that much of the college experience is developed outside the classroom, as members receive unique experiences developing interpersonal relations, public relations, marketing, advertising, and business skills. UPB also provides many opportunities for members to enhance professional growth, develop creativity and to learn about the rich diversity of people on the Ball State campus. The experiences gained through any position held on the board, either as an executive or committee member, can become a valuable asset when applying for work after graduation. Not only is the experience rewarding, but it's fun!


Contributions made to UPB will support:

  • Professional development opportunities for students who work with us.
  • Various UPB initiatives


Student Center and Programs

The L.A. Pittenger Student Center is committed to developing students into productive members and leaders of the Ball State and civic communities and providing an array of quality services to the campus community. We hold firmly to the belief that the value of college experiences lies not only in academic achievement but also in extracurricular activities that support the holistic approach to developing students in a diverse and global world.


The L.A. Pittenger Student Center is the community center for the campus, serving students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests. The Center serves as a unifying force that honors each individual and values diversity. The Center fosters a sense of community that cultivates enduring loyalty to the university.


The L.A. Pittenger Student Center has four broad objectives to accomplish its mission with Ball State University:

  1. Support the educational goals of Ball State University by the provision of essential services, conveniences, and amenities for students, faculty, staff, alumni, conference participants, and guests of the University.
  2. Provide social, cultural, entertainment, educational, and recreational programs for students, faculty, staff, and their families with a primary focus on fully utilizing the Student Center.
  3. Serve as a laboratory for out of class learning whereby students can implement the knowledge gained from formal instruction; and encourages self-directed activity by students, providing the utmost opportunity for self-realization, development of individual social skills, and effectiveness with group dynamics.
  4. Serve as a unifying force in campus life, cultivating endearing regard and loyalty for Ball State University.



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Evening Leaderboard
The needs of our students are greater than ever. The eight areas with the most donors between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. will each receive $1,000 thanks to challenge dollars given by donors.
Rank Prize Department Donors
1 $1,000 Theatre & Dance 160
2 $1,000 Ball State Student Media 65
3 $1,000 Athletics 59
4 $1,000 Journalism 34
5 $1,000 Dance Marathon 34
6 $1,000 Communication Studies 29
7 $1,000 School of Music 27
8 $1,000 Special Education 26
9 Multicultural Center 24
10 Social Work 16
11 Chemistry 10
12 Telecommunications 9
13 Alumni Programs 8
14 University Police Department 7
15 Miller Business Honors Program 7
16 University Libraries 7
17 Counseling Psych, Social Psych and Counseling 6
18 Honors College 5
19 Accounting 5
20 Fraternity and Sorority Life 5
21 Schools Within the Context of Community 5
22 Sports Link 5
23 Early Childhood, Youth, and Family Studies 4
24 Educational Psychology 4
25 Cardinal Kitchen 3
26 David Owsley Museum of Art 3
27 Political Science 3
28 Alumni Student Engagement 3
29 Bowen Center for Public Affairs 3
30 Alumni Scholarships 3
31 Management 3
32 Biology 3
33 Burris Laboratory School 3
34 Black Student Association 3
35 Student Voluntary Services 3
36 Late Nite 3
37 English 3
38 Office of Student Life 2
39 Elementary Education 2
40 Center for Information & Communication Sciences 2
41 Educational Studies 2
42 Career Center 2
43 Rinker Center for International Programs 2
44 History 2
45 Computer Science 2
46 Entrepreneurship Center 2
47 School of Kinesiology 1
48 School of Nursing 1
49 Mathematical Sciences 1
50 Sociology 1
51 Ball State Army ROTC 1
52 Spectrum 1
53 Anthropology 1
54 Inclusive Excellence 1
55 Educational Leadership 1
56 Indiana Academy 1
57 School of Art 1
58 Women's and Gender Studies 1
59 Rinard Orchid Greenhouse 1
60 Disability Services 1
61 University Program Board 1
62 Teachers College Dean's Fund for Excellence 1
63 Environment, Geology, and Natural Resources 1
64 Criminal Justice and Criminology 1
65 MBA | Masters of Business Administration 1
66 Online Student Support Fund 1
67 Finance & Insurance 0
68 Learning Center 0
69 Charles W. Brown Planetarium 0
70 Emens Auditorium 0
71 Graduate School 0
72 Nutrition & Health Science 0
73 Speech Pathology & Audiology 0
74 Geography 0
75 Philosophy and Religious Studies 0
76 Psychological Science 0
77 Economics 0
78 ISOM Department 0
79 Marketing | CADMA 0
80 Community Engagement 0
81 Counseling Center 0
82 Center for Peace & Conflict Studies 0
83 Oz Nelson Logistics & Supply Chain Management Ctr 0
84 NESTT Learning Labs 0
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