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The Department of Chemistry’s commitment continues to focus on student-centered learning activities and your financial support is appreciated more than ever.  Your gift today to one of the key funds listed below goes directly toward ensuring that students get the best chemistry experience possible at Ball State.  

"There were several ways in which the Department of Chemistry and Ball State University helped shape me as a scientist. For one, the exciting atmosphere of discovery drifted through the halls of the Cooper Science Complex while I was there from 2010-2013. Second, and likely most important, the patience and dedication of instructors was integral in getting students jazzed about creatively pursuing new knowledge. Finally, generous support from the CRISP summer research program and the Sousa Memorial scholarship allowed me to thrive in the research laboratory, cementing my passion for science."

Dr. Jeffrey Dick - Department of Chemistry, UNC Chapel Hill

          B.S. Chemistry 2013 - Ball State University



Chemistry Research – #1516

The Chemistry Research Immersion Summer Program (CRISP) is a great success story. We have been able to offer this unique summer research opportunity for undergraduate students going on almost 50 years!!  

  • Students work side-by-side with a faculty mentor on an original research project.
  • Students gain high-end technical lab skills & critical experience in instrument operation, not typically available in standard lab courses.
  • Students learn how to present their discoveries to their peers & the larger scientific community. 
  • A typical student stipend is about $3,200   

"For a young chemist, the opportunity to get involved with research is one of the most important and rewarding experiences a university can offer. The Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Program had a huge impact on my career by providing a stipend that allowed me to remain on campus for the summer and gain my first research experience. As I continued my studies, research continued to be a major facet of my undergraduate life, and the department provided further support through the Mikal Sousa Memorial Scholarship. The education and research experience I gained in the chemistry department at Ball State University was foundational in preparing me for a career as a chemistry professor."

Dr. Kyle Crabtree - Department of Chemistry, UC Davis

         B.S. Chemistry 2006 - Ball State University


Scholarships and Awards

We are fortunate to be able to offer scholarships to several excellent students each year.  We’d like to grow these funds in order to sustain their giving ability and, in some cases, raise the amounts given to the awardees.  

  • Cardinal Chemist Scholarship – #1550
  • David C. McIntyre Memorial Scholarship – #1551
  • Mikal L. Sousa Memorial Scholarship – #1553
  • Park Wiseman Scholarship – #1554
  • Sandra K. & Robert J. Morris Chemistry Scholarship – #1555
  • D. J. Angus Scientech Chemistry Award – #1557
  • Dr.'s Nancy & Mohammad Behforouz Chemistry Scholarship - #1558
  • Newell C. Cook Sr. & Jr. Scholarship – #5354
"Joining The Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Program was one of the best academic decisions I made. This program helped me realize my potential as a chemistry student and find a home within the chemistry department. It was very rewarding to work with students who were more advanced than me and have guidance from my professors. By providing a stipend, I was able to take a break from my current job to explore my research experience. As I continued my studies, the mentorship, knowledge, and learning skills were all fundamental in preparing me to pursue a PhD in Chemistry. I was very honored to receive the Park Wiseman Scholarship because Dr. Wiseman taught my grandpa, who also happened to major in chemistry. The generous support from CRISP and the Park Wiseman Scholarship allows me to continue my studies and passion in hopes of teaching and inspiring future undergraduate chemistry students."
Veeda Scammahorn - Current Chemistry Major           

            B.S. Chemistry 2021 - Ball State University


Robert J. Morris Chemistry Symposium – #1503

This is a relatively new fund that was set up in honor of the late Bob Morris, former Department Chair, Dean, Associate Provost and Acting Provost, and to celebrate his life at Ball State University.  This is an annual event each spring where a prominent researcher in chemistry is invited to campus to give a seminar.  Outstanding BSU chemistry student researchers also give a presentation.  Faculty, students, alumni, the Morris family, friends and colleagues across the university attend.    

Chemistry Student Support Fund – #1505

Education helps our students to be the best they can be. However, many students find it difficult to apply to several universities for graduate school because of application costs.  With assistance from this fund, our most capable students can have more choices available to them.  

Chemistry – #1501

There are many more activities, events, etc. the department supports in order to improve the learning experience for our students and encourage both personal and professional growth, such as:     

  • Global Women’s Breakfast   
  • Science Social - open house for students
  • Regular seminar speakers for career-networking
  • Honor graduating chemists at our annual senior banquet
  • Scientific Instrumentation
  • Student and faculty travel to conferences
  • AND MORE!!                                                                               

"My undergraduate research experience in chemistry was a foundational period in my career. I was able to gain hands-on experience designing and executing experiments and interact with other aspiring chemists through the CRISP summer research program. These experiences led directly to an internship opportunity at Eli Lilly, graduate school, and an eventual career as a process chemist.  My undergraduate research at Ball State would not have been possible without generous support from donors. Summer research stipends and scholarships made it possible for me to forgo taking a summer job and focus on developing my research skills. The costs of lab supplies and travel to conferences were out of my reach, but were covered by departmental funds.  It’s hard to overstate how beneficial undergraduate research at Ball State was to me. Research stipends, scholarships, and departmental funding made that possible."

Dr. Lucas Moore - Ampac Fine Chemicals

          B.S. Chemistry 2013 - Ball State University


We invite you to contribute, perhaps in honor of one of the teachers, staff or colleagues who have made a difference on your own journey.  Help the Department of Chemistry to carry on its age-old tradition of providing for our students intellectually, professionally, and when possible, financially. 

"My enriching research experience began with the opportunity to be a part of the CRISP at Ball State.  I had the opportunity to work in Professor Philip A. Albiniak’s research lab for over 3 years.  This experience ignited my interest in organic chemistry and this was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had.  I was honored with the Mikal Lynn Sousa scholarship, which allowed me to invest even more time to perform research in the lab and focus on my education.  Working with all the chemistry faculty inspired me to pursue a Ph.D. in organic chemistry.  Overall, I received both excellent training and education from Ball State and could not have asked for a better and more hands-on education than what I received."

Anna Salvati - Department of Chemistry, Florida State University

          B.S. Chemistry 2014 - Ball State University


"Being a commuter and a first-generation college student, I had difficulty finding my place at Ball State University. It was not until I began conducting research that I found a family in the chemistry department. The resources provided by research occurring during the semester and in CRISP, go far beyond simply knowledge, but extend to mentorship, opportunity and financial aid. Research has allowed me to receive guidance from my PI, develop critical thinking and master lab techniques. These experiences ultimately led me to receive a competitive national scholarship, publish my first paper, and complete an industrial internship. These accomplishments along with the financial support from the Mikal Sousa Memorial Scholarship has allowed me the opportunity to pursue a PhD in chemical biology. The philanthropic nature of my professors, department and donors is the reason I found a nest at Ball State University."

 Alex Quillin - Department of Chemistry, Emory University

           B.S. Chemistry 2020 - Ball State University

$25,000 Surprise Challenge
$750,000 will unlock $25,000 for Student Emergency Aid, Student Scholarships, Cardinal Kitchen, Cardinal Excellence Fund, and SOAR. Each area will receive $5,000 thanks to an anonymous donor.
Morning Challenge
From 8 - 11 a.m., five donors will be selected at random and $1,000 will be given to the fund their gift went to.
First Student, Employee, Alumni, & Parent Challenge
The first student, employee, parent, and alumni donor will each receive $250 given to the fund their gift went to.
Academic Department Leaderboard
The three academic departments with the most gifts by midnight April 6 receive $5,000, $3,000 and $1,000 in challenge funds.
Rank Prize Department Gifts
1 $5,000 Theatre & Dance 1,082
2 $3,000 Communication Studies 409
3 $1,000 School of Music 163
4 School of Journalism and Strategic Communication 160
5 Center for Information & Communication Sciences 127
Evening Leaderboard
The 5 areas that raise the most money from 7-11:59pm each receive $1,000
Rank Prize Unit Raised
1 $1,000 Athletics $38,306.54
2 $1,000 Indiana Academy $14,305.00
3 $1,000 Theatre & Dance $11,450.22
4 $1,000 Alumni Programs $5,770.00
5 $1,000 Black Alumni Constituent Society $4,180.00
First Five!
One Ball State Day, 24-hours of inspiration and impact, starts now. The first 5 academic areas to receive a gift will each receive $500 in challenge funds.
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Take a selfie with any of our Leadership cut outs and post social using #OneBallState. Four individuals will be randomly chosen to designate $250 to a fund of their choice.
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5 $1,000 School of Music 126
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The five areas with the most donors between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. will each receive $1,000 in challenge dollars.
Rank Prize Department Donors
1 $1,000 Athletics 161
2 $1,000 Theatre & Dance 149
3 $1,000 Indiana Academy 50
4 $1,000 Communication Studies 47
5 $1,000 Ball State Student Media 27
Ball State University Foundation Challenge
If the Foundation reaches 100% employee participation, Jean Crosby & Ray Allen will give a total of $1,000.
Enrollment Planning & Management Employee Challenge
If the number of enrollment planning, and management employees who donate is greater than last year, Vice President Paula Luff will donate $2,000 to Student Emergency Aid Fund.
General Counsel Match
Sali Falling will match gifts made by General Counsel employees up to $500.
College Leaderboard
The three colleges with the biggest percentage of increased gifts from OBSD 2021 will receive $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000.
Rank Prize College % +/- Goal
1 $3,000 Honors College +17.39% 108
goal: 92
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3 $1,000 College of Architecture & Planning -7.93% 209
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Paint the U.S. Cardinal Red
Gifts from all 50 states will unlock $5,000 from the Alumni Council!
College Leaderboard
The college that has the most donors receives $5,000 in challenge funds.
Rank Prize College Donors
1 $5,000 College of Fine Arts 855
2 Teachers College 721
3 College of Sciences and Humanities 659
4 College of Communication, Information, and Media 629
5 Miller College of Business 387
Ambassador Challenge
The three units/departments with the most verified ambassadors, with dollars raised, receives $1,000.
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Share the official One Ball State Day videos on Facebook and use #OneBallState. Two participants will get to donate $500 in challenge funds toward their favorite area.
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Share the official One Ball State Day videos on Twitter and use #OneBallState. Two participants will get to donate $500 in challenge funds toward their favorite area.
Noon Leaderboard
The department/unit/team that has the most donors by noon receives $5,000 in challenge funds.
Rank Prize Unit Donors
1 $5,000 Theatre & Dance 296
2 Athletics 272
3 Indiana Academy 130
4 Ball State Fund 107
5 Student Scholarships 86
Dean Cutout Selfie Challenge
Provost Susana Rivera-Mills will donate $100 for each dean who takes a selfie with her cut out and/or the cut out of another dean and posts it to social media using #OneBallState on April 5. This total gift of up to $5,000 will benefit the University College.
Last Hour Challenge
Give during the last hour of OBSD and you could be one of three donors chosen to designate an extra $1,000 to the area you gave to.
International Alum Challenge
The first international alum to make a gift on One Ball State Day will get $500 in challenge funds designated to the fund their gift went to.
Dean McCarthy Challenge
Dean Maureen McCarthy will give $500 to the CSH department with the most unique # of donors.
Rank Prize Department Donors
1 $500 English 67
2 Modern Languages & Classics 64
3 Geography and Meteorology 60
4 History 56
5 Philosophy and Religious Studies 38
IT Employee Match
Loren Malm will match gifts made by IT division employees up to $500.
Rank State Gifts
1 IN 30
2 IL 2
3 WV 1
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