Political Science
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The Department of Political Science is dedicated to advancing the understanding of the political frontier through teaching and research. Our students are striving to make better sense of the world in order to make a difference in the community by working side-by-side with faculty on important events that are shaping our world today.

Gifts made to the department directly benefit our undergraduate and graduate students from the Political Science and Legal Studies majors as well as Master’s in Public Administration and Master's in Political Science. These benefits allow a wide range of opportunities including scholarships, research assistance, and special opportunities like presenting at conferences. Your gifts will create an immediate and long-lasting impact. Hear from one student who has been with us from the beginning.

The Political Science Department at Ball State has had a huge influence on my life and helped to prepare me for my career as a Researcher for the State of Indiana. The rigorous course material provided me with a wide variety of knowledge and skills, while the faculty and staff went above and beyond to offer assistance on course material and guidance on research projects, internships, and jobs. The Department also offered numerous opportunities to learn and engage with the community outside of the classroom. This year on One Ball State Day I am donating to the Political Science Department to help ensure students for years to come have the same wonderful educational opportunities and experiences I had.” Katie Schwipps BS ’13, MA ‘19

“My graduate education in the Political Science program at Ball State has truly helped me define and articulate my unique individual skills. I was fortunate to start the program with an amazing cohort with like-minded goals. With the program’s distinguished and supportive faculty, I have learned a great deal in the classroom and established beneficial networking connections. I had the opportunity to present research papers at conferences and attend events both within and outside the department, which have been beneficial in preparing me for the professional world. I am positive that the knowledge acquired through the Political Science department will be of great value as I move on in my career.” – Yinka Ajibola, Political Science Graduate Student from Nigeria.

“I enjoyed my time at Ball State University as a political science major. Because of this program, I have been able to present research at the Midwest Political Science Association, which was one of my favorite experiences of my college career.”  –   Jalyn N Rhodes, Bachelor of Political Science Class of 2019. Student at Indiana University Maurer School of Law.

Our proud past allows us to look towards the future where we can see the promise of a new generation of discoveries as students and faculty explore the political frontier. Our students infuse learning and research with their passions and perspectives to understand their world, engage their world, and make everlasting changes in their world. But their success will depend in great measure on the participation of all those who share our aspirations. We invite you to join us in supporting a limitless education, the development of new ideas, pioneering research, and changing the world one student at a time.

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6,323 Gifts Unlocks $3,000 for the Multicultural Center
Upon receiving 6,323 gifts, $3,000 will be unlocked for the new Multicultural Center!
6,323 / 6,323 Gifts
Unlock $3,000 for Student Emergency Aid
Upon receiving 6,323 gifts (beating last year's total number of gifts), $3,000 will be unlocked for Student Emergency Aid!
6,323 / 6,323 Gifts
5 Hours, 5 Areas, $1,000 Each
The 5 areas that raise the most money from 7pm-Midnight will each receive $1,000!
Rank Prize Department Raised
1 $1,000 Athletics $30,956.02
2 $1,000 Theatre & Dance $17,061.74
3 $1,000 Indiana Academy $9,981.41
4 $1,000 College of Architecture & Planning $4,541.68
5 $1,000 Center for Information & Communication Sciences $4,046.26
Academic Department Leaderboard
The three academic departments with the most gifts by midnight will receive $8,000, $4,000 and $2,000 in challenge funds respectively.
Rank Prize Academic Department Gifts
1 $8,000 Theatre & Dance 1,500
2 $4,000 Communication Studies 463
3 $2,000 School of Music 315
4 Modern Languages & Classics 230
5 Miller Business Honors Program 217
College Leaderboard
The three colleges with the most gifts by midnight April 6 will receive $3,000, $2,000, and $1,000 respectively.
Rank Prize Colleges Gifts
1 $3,000 College of Fine Arts 1,899
2 $2,000 College of Communication, Information, and Media 1,292
3 $1,000 Teachers College 952
4 College of Sciences and Humanities 876
5 Miller College of Business 467
Noon Challenge
The department/unit/team that has the most donors by noon receives $5,000 in challenge funds.
Rank Prize Department, Unit, or Team Donors
1 $5,000 Theatre & Dance 377
2 Athletics 329
3 The Ball State Fund 161
4 Student Scholarships 109
5 College of Architecture & Planning 102
Most Donors Challenge
The department/unit/team that has the most donors by midnight will receive $5,000 in challenge funds.
Rank Prize Areas Donors
1 $5,000 College of Fine Arts 1,292
2 Theatre & Dance 1,023
3 Athletics 888
4 Teachers College 726
5 College of Communication, Information, and Media 708
Top 5 Donor Challenge
The five units with the most donors by midnight will each receive $1,000
Rank Prize Department Donors
1 $1,000 Theatre & Dance 1,023
2 $1,000 Athletics 888
3 $1,000 Indiana Academy 261
4 $1,000 School of Music 191
5 $1,000 College of Architecture & Planning 187
Evening Leaderboard
The needs of our students are greater than ever! The five areas with the most donors between 8pm-11pm will each receive $1,000 for their area!
Rank Prize Department Donors
1 $1,000 Theatre & Dance 323
2 $1,000 Athletics 169
3 $1,000 Miller Business Honors Program 81
4 $1,000 Indiana Academy 62
5 $1,000 Spectrum 61
Dean Maureen McCarthy Challenge
Dean McCarthy will give $500 to the College of Sciences & Humanities department with the most unique number donors.
Rank Prize Department Donors
1 $500 English 80
2 Geography 72
3 History 56
4 Modern Languages & Classics 42
5 Philosophy and Religious Studies 31
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