Nutrition & Health Science

The Department of Nutrition and Health Science is committed to delivering an exceptional educational experience to our students and advancing our respective disciplines through research and scholarship. We engage in service to the university, the profession, and the community. We value health and wellbeing throughout the lifespan, interprofessional education, and scholarship, community engagement for the advancement of evidence-based and best health practices, lifelong learning, and the unique qualities associated with a diverse population. 

We depend on the generous support of community partners, alumni, and friends which allows us to offer diverse, real-world opportunities to our students. The department needs the most assistance with donations to our general fund (6901), for the welfare, support, and advancement of nutrition and health science programs. Further, these donations support the department faculty members to create unique learning experiences on local, regional, national and international levels.


This year, we are focusing some of our fundraising efforts on the growth of our Nutrition Assessment Laboratory. The Nutrition Assessment Lab is the nutrition resource on campus, to help Ball State employees assess their nutrition-related health habits and behaviors while assisting them in making healthier food choices. The Nutrition Assessment Lab also provides a space for faculty members to engage in research projects, many of which could impact health and wellness outcomes across the globe! These research opportunities also benefit our undergraduate and graduate students in Dietetics, who learn how to conduct research using the assessment tools in the lab. Running a state-of-the-art nutrition assessment facility requires acquiring a wide variety of advanced equipment. Your support of the Department of Nutrition and Health Science will enable our Nutrition Assessment Lab to grow, providing additional opportunities for faculty, students, the Ball State community, and Muncie citizens to receive high quality nutrition evaluations and counseling.


Cardinal Wellness is a Ball State University, student-facilitated program that sets the stage for families to engage in rhythmic aerobics (Zumba), learn about nutrition and healthy eating practices, try new foods, and participate in nutrition and fitness assessments. The program provides a safe and convenient place to exercise and learn about wellness with child supervision at no cost. This program is part of Dr. Christina Jones's scholarly research. Since the program started in 2017, she has been able to engage dietetics and health education and promotion majors in active research, working with Muncie community members and changing lives. Student provide their time and expertise to manage participant data, create educational materials, prepare food items, perform fitness assessments, promote the program in the community, and much more. Donations to the Department of Nutrition and Health Science make projects like Cardinal Wellness possible.


Additionally, continued funding for the Department of Nutrition and Health Science, creates essential leadership opportunities within the department’s student organizations, the Ball State Dietetics Association, and Eta Sigma Gamma. These organizations offer multiple ways for our students to gain leadership experiences by partaking in conferences and enriching their professional development which makes a difference when seeking full-time employment after graduation.

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1 $1,000 Theatre & Dance 323
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1 $500 School of Kinesiology 116
2 School of Nursing 53
3 Counseling Psych, Social Psych and Counseling 27
4 Nutrition & Health Science 25
5 Speech Pathology & Audiology 17
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